What Has Changed in the Hardwood Flooring Industry?

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Change is inevitable in some circumstances, and should always be embraced. Alteration is a means to improve and refresh, and it usually transitions industries for the better. The wood flooring industry, for example, is subject to constant change that improves not only the industry, but a person’s home, budget, and the environment. So, what has changed in home flooring?

Where It Can Be Placed

There was once a time when a hardwood floor was only placed in the living room and dining room. Today, however, is a time when this type of flooring is so popular and improves the value of a place, that homeowners and property leasers will incorporate the material in every room of the home. Any size kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom improves in appearance and quality with a wood floor. Finished basements are also a welcomed location.

The Materials and Utilization of Color

These floors were once standard; either a red color finished every plank, or a natural, rough texture complicated every board. Today, people are staining wood floors colors that they would their walls, and even gloss finishes create the illusion that the wood is painted rather than stained, but still maintains the mature qualities of the wood. White, yellow, gray, and even black are only a few options proving that the wood flooring industry is anything but standard anymore. Additionally, the majority of stains and glosses used today are better for the air and those who are exposed to the fumes.

The Desire for Them and the Use of Natural Elements

Again, people place these floors in any room in their homes, which makes the desire for them strong. Of course, wood is a natural material, but faux-wood once was the popular choice. Today, people appreciate the natural grain and texture of the wood as well as the color, and they try to utilize that every chance that they can.

The Way to Decorate Around Them

At one point, a wood floor was only allowed to stand alone, and the only objects allowed to sit atop them was furniture. Today, though, people enjoy incorporating luxury rugs into their scheme, and appreciate the unified appearance that these rugs create for the room. Various fabrics, colors, patterns, and dimensions create options for decor that will work well for any type of hardwood. These rugs are not the center of attention, but are instead a means to highlight the prominent features of the floor itself. For those of you interested, the Relative Space website has more information available.