Top Power Tool Warranties

Power tools are an investment. You want confidence that the tool you purchase today will last for years to come. The best tools are handed down from father to son. The warranties provided by manufacturers are an important aspect of that assurance. In that light, let us consider the brands that offer some of the best consumer protection in the business. These five brands are presented to you alphabetically.

• Bosch Tools

Bosch tools come with a limited one-year warranty that covers workmanship and material defects that covers the original purchaser only. In the event of a defect, Bosch will replace or repair the unit at no charge to the user. In many cases, they’ll instruct you to return it to the seller even if you’re beyond the 30-day window. If you need to ship it, Bosch will cover postage, and can even send out a new unit or provide you a voucher for a local purchase at your retailer of choice.

• DeWalt Tools

Although you tend to pay a litter extra for most DeWalt tools you do receive a three-year limited warranty in exchange. Three-year coverage gives a lot of peace of mind because power tools with defects are all but guaranteed to fail before then. That is unless you put it on a shelf and never use it, which is one reason you should never buy a power tool before you’ll actually need it.

• Festool Tools

Festool comes close to matching the DeWalt warranty and provides three years as well. The warranty only covers power tools purchased through authorized dealers, so know who you’re buying from. In many cases, it’ll be directly through a Festool store, but if not, then make sure before buying. That may seem like a hassle, but this warranty includes all-inclusive service that you can take advantage of at any branded service center or authorized dealer.

• Makita Tools

Most Makita tools come with a one-year limited warranty. The exception are Makita lithium-ion tools and pneumatic nailers, which both come with three-year coverage. In addition, all power tools by Makita come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which means you can return them within 30 days for any reason, no questions asked. It’s worth noting that many home improvement retailers provide such coverage for all products, but this is good protection for those who don’t have that option.

• Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee offers what is arguably the best warranty in the business. All Milwaukee tools, including cordless products, are covered for a period of five years. The warranty covers the original purchaser for all material and workmanship defects. You do have to send the tool to Milwaukee along with a copy of the receipt as well as prepay freight to and from and have insurance that covers the purchase price. You can visit Mississauga Hardware for additional information and insights.