The Top Home Renovations To Increase Home Value

Most homeowners who are looking to sell their home in the future are interested in increasing the property value to ensure that they make more of a profit. Although the location significantly influences the home’s value, there are still several different types of renovations to perform to boost what it’s worth. To ensure that you increase the functionality and appeal of the property, there are a few important home renovations to perform.

Create More SpaceBuyers are currently looking for homes that feature open floor plans and combine different rooms into one space. Knock down walls in the kitchen to connect it to the living room and have more flow on the property. Allow the kitchen to be easy to use and walk through for added flow. Consider adding a kitchen island where additional storage space can be available.

Improve the Lighting

Lighting in the home will increase its appeal and allow it to be brighter and more attractive in each room. Make it a point to install skylights and sun tubes in areas that are dim, which can include in the kitchen or a hallway. This will allow natural light into the home to reduce the energy usage on the property. Sun tubes also use reflective material to allow more light into the home with a small hole that is cut through the roof.

Redesign the Porch

Hire home improvement contractors to install a front door that works as one of the main focal points on the exterior of the building. Add an attractive door that features windows or a decorative element. You can also include an awning over the porch, which will protect the space from rain or snow and will increase the home’s curb appeal. Check to see if the doorbell is working and add new address numbers that make your property easy to find.

Redo the Flooring

When performing home renovations, it’s important to redo the flooring to increase the aesthetics of the interior setting. Opt for wood floors, which hold their value and are more in demand. Avoid floor-to-floor carpeting, which is considered to be outdated and deteriorates quickly compared to other materials. You’ll also want to replace vinyl flooring, which can look dated and will detract from the property value.

Remodel the Bathrooms

There are easy upgrades to perform on bathroom remodels when giving your home a makeover. Hire home improvement contractors to replace the frosted glass on the shower with clear glass and clean the grout on the floors or in the showers. You’ll also want to update the fixtures that are used on the cabinets to create a modern setting that is contemporary. You can even add a low-flush toilet and install a new faucet to bring the room up-to-date.