The Many Different Faces of Stone Siding

The improvements in quality and variety of stone siding offers you the opportunity to create a home or commercial building exterior that is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Stone offers beauty and durability like no other product on the market. This is one sure way to increase the value of your property and give it a totally new look. Once you have decided to go with stone products, begin taking a look at the various styles available that fit your budget.

Stone Veneer

Stone siding has vastly improved over the years and current stone products are lighter in weight and more affordable than ever before. This means you get all of the durability and beauty of full stones, but in an easier to manage and apply stone veneer form. Stone products that are made to cover the exterior of homes and commercial buildings are created so well that it is hard to tell it is simply veneer. It is a way to vastly increase the value of your property in a short amount of time.

Stone Trim

No stone siding job is complete without the addition of stone trim. These stone products are designed to compliment and finish the look of any stone veneer surface. You can match colors, texture and stone type. The difference in the completed look is like night and day. It is worth a small investment more to include this in your stone siding project. Include the funds for stone trim in your home or commercial property improvement plan. You can purchase wall caps, architectural ends, window stones, window sills, archway stones and many other area specific types.

Range of Textures and Colors

Versatility in current stone products is how you can benefit the most when deciding to apply stone siding. Stone veneer styles include many variations in cut, color and texture. You can go with a smooth chic look, or try the more daring old world cobblestone effect. Each type will give a different look to your structure. Take the time to research what would look best before committing to an order. Keep looking until you find the perfect match for the vision you have for the finished exterior.

Completely changing the face of your home or business can be as easy as locating the right stone veneer product. This is a project you can have a lot of fun with and see nearly instant results. Begin your search for the perfect stone siding today!