Professional Painter’s Skill

The amount of television airtime dedicated to home renovation or remodeling cause some of us to feel the pressure of maintaining our homes to showroom status. Most times, however, the real transformation of any room in a home begins with changing the color of the walls. While it may seem that the average person can buy a gallon of paint and immediately put this on the walls, a professional painter can make the process feel like magic.

Roller Painting

Painters are the unsung heroes of home remodeling. Whether they use a paint sprayer or apply the paint manually using a roller and brush, the finished product leaves you feeling awestruck. My preference is the use of a roller and brush; here is where you see the true skill of a painter. An experienced painter should hold his brush at an angle parallel to the edge of the trim and be able to glide the paint steadily, without dripping or straying. Only time and experience can tell you how much paint to load on the brush and how much pressure to apply. It is this skill that companies oftentimes use to test their painters. Clean trim work will separate the experienced painters from the novices.

Color Change

Some people like to express their individual styles by the color choices they make. Too many colors in a home can be a nightmare for the painter. Just imagine having to clean out multiple brushes and rollers in order to change the color of each room! Savvy painters will start with the lightest color first. This way they can ensure that if their equipment is not thoroughly clean, the color will not drastically impact the final reveal. Trims should be painted last. A steady hand is useful as it can save valuable time not having to tape off any of the edges that do not require paint. A good rule of thumb if you have an open area, incidentally, is to have your colors blend into each other. Not only is this look pleasing to the eye, it will still define the separate spaces while maintaining the open concept feel of the home.

Spray Painting

Spray painting is best when applying exterior paint. Preferably on a sunny day, with mild wind, and using the correct tip, painting the exterior of a home can go by quickly and smoothly. Here is where a professional can be a real asset. There is a definite learning curve on knowing how to correctly handle the machine so that you don’t wind up painting your shrubs, deck, and windows! Proper pressure is also needed to ensure that the paint does not drip, a task best left to the professional. There are additional resources at Absolute Home Services, which may help you learn more information.