How To Secure Your Sliding Door

Sliding glass doors are extremely common in most homes and are often installed on the first floor of buildings or in rooms that have an outdoor patio. The sliding glass door is one of the most common places where home intruders can enter and attempt a break-in. To secure your sliding glass door and reduce the risk of theft, there are a number of important steps to take with the help of a professional locksmith.

Use a Broomstick

A common and inexpensive way to secure your sliding glass door is to use a broomstick on the tracks on the frame of the door to prevent it from opening. Intruders will not be able to open the door if the broomstick is used, which will help to keep it shut and will work as an extra deterrent.

Those who want to use a professional product can use a slide-locking bar, which is often constructed out of metal. This is cut to fit the bottom of the door and can offer a higher level of protection than a broomstick.

Test the Lock

Hire a professional locksmith to test the lock that is installed on the handle. Locks that are not working properly will cause the door to move because they may not be catching the door properly. Hire a locksmith to install a new lock or an additional one while examining the feature to ensure that the frame is level.

Avoid using a standard lock on the door, which can be easy to open with different household tools. Instead, opt for a commercial lock that is heavy-duty and uses steel bolts to secure the door. This type of lock uses one or two-bolt locking systems and is adjustable to ensure that it fits the frame properly. Key and lock sliding glass doors can also be used for added security that makes it more challenging to attempt a break-in for those who want to tamper with the lock.

Replace the Slider

Old sliding glass doors are often more vulnerable to break-ins due to parts that have deteriorated over time. Install a new door that fits more securely in the frame for a higher level of protection. You can also add heavy-duty tracks that are constructed out of a stronger type of metal instead of installing a new door.

Use a Home Alarm System

Install a home wire system that is wired to a contact on the sliding glass door with the help of alarm technicians. This will cause an alarm to sound if the door is opened when the alarm is set when you’re away. Glass-break sensors can also be used on the glass door if a burglar attempts to shatter the glass. For more info, you can visit Lock Up Services Inc for additional professional insights.