How a desert landscape can save you time and money

When it comes to landscaping and garden design, there are plenty of issues to consider. However, homeowners have realized that garden maintenance is one of the most important factors of landscaping. The best way to save money on maintenance is to think about it during the design stage. When it comes to garden maintenance, irrigation can be a huge problem, especially if you do not have a reliable supply of water. Developing a desert concept is a great way of saving time and money on maintenance without sacrificing the beauty.

Desert landscaping
Desert landscaping is a simple way to improve your yard without worrying too much about maintenance. A xeriscape will not only make your garden eco-friendly, but it will also reduce the cost and the time you dedicate to irrigation. The key to success in the landscape design is to select the plants that thrive in the desert and add some rocks and boulders to create a beautiful and natural scheme.

Succulent plants
Succulent plants store a lot of water for consumption during the prolonged periods of drought. Fortunately, these drought-tolerant plants have very showy flowers, meaning that you do not have to compromise the beauty of your garden. Some of the succulent plants include Euphorbia pulcherrima, Saguaro cactus, and Jerusalem. Some of these plants have small leaves to prevent them from losing water. In most cases, the leaves are replaced by thorns.

Grasses can tolerate the arid conditions for a long time. Grasses have very thin leaves and hardy stems that store water, meaning that they lose very little water during the dry spell. Surprisingly, the landscaping industry has so many grass varieties that look gorgeous. Some of the grass varieties include pampas grass, blue fescue, and fountain grass. The grasses come in several shapes and sizes. While some are ideal for the borders, other varieties such a Cortaderia selloana have showy flowers that stand out and make a bold statement in your garden.

How to develop the desert theme
It is critical to eliminate any plants that do not suit your desert landscape concept. Be sure to dig out any shrubs and trees that require large amounts of water. Also, remember to eliminate the lush lawns or reduce them significantly. Opt for sand, shredded bark, or rockery. Group the various plants according to the amount of water they need so that you can decide on the layout of your drip irrigation system.

Include some visual accents in your garden by adding some colorful varieties such bougainvillea, salvia, grasses, and lantana. While planting, consider the mature sizes of the plants to ensure that they do not become too large and appear congested or obscure the pathways. Avoid using the cacti and other thorny plants close to the walkways to avoid injuries. You may want to visit Royal Decks for more info and insights.