Five Signs Its Time to Call an Electrician

Anyone who has owned a home for more than a few months knows that there are always projects to take care of. While many of these tasks do not require specialized skills or equipment, you might want to rethink working on your home’s electrical system. Without an experienced electrician by your side, what appeared to be a quick fix can turn into an expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous problem.

Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

Practically every homeowner will have to deal with a tripped circuit breakers at least a few times over the years, but these issues should only happen rarely. Those who find themselves dealing with a tripped breaker multiple times a month could be dealing with any number of serious electrical issues. There might be problems with the appliances, the home’s wiring, or the circuit breaker itself.

Flickering Lights

One of the most common reasons why families contact electrical contractors is to take care of flickering lights. Even in older homes, lights should never flicker when they are first turned on or throughout the night. Lights should only flicker when there are problems with the electrical grid. This often occurs during storms or when the weather is particularly hot. If the flickering becomes a regular occurrence, then it is time to contact an electrician.

Unusual Odors Near Sockets or Outlets

Anyone who notices a burning smell near outlets, sockets, wires, or any electrical appliances must immediately shut off the circuit breaker and contact an electrician. Unlike many other electrical issues, this is clearly a sign that something dangerous is taking place. When the odor is accompanied by sparks or smoke, family members should contact the local fire department and exit the home immediately.


Many people associate electrical currents with a buzzing or humming sound. It is true that this sound is perfectly normal around transformers and city lines, but they should not be taking place in a home. As a general rule, the electrical wiring and outlets in your home should be quiet at all times. A buzzing sound coming from any of these areas of a home could be a sign of loose or frayed wires. The sound takes place when the current must “hop” from one wire to another.

Your Home Is More Than 25 Years Old

Finally, a homeowner should consider calling an electrical contractor if their home is more than 25 years old. Even if you have not noticed any of these peculiarities, the wiring throughout your property most likely needs to be replaced in the near future. At the very least, electrical contractors can go through old homes and find any efficiency problems that could be causing high energy bills.