Efficient Farming Practices that promote better Pests Control Methods

Large-scale and commercial agriculture has been on the rise as economies move away from the inefficiencies of traditional subsistence farming. Due to an increase in inputs’ prices, many medium-scale farmers may have to shut down since they are not able to cope with the huge agricultural corporations that enjoy economies of scale. Large-scale farmers can purchase farm inputs and pest control services in bulk and enjoy discounted prices due to bargaining powers. The massive operations are also characterized by a high use of artificial fertilizers. Because organic manure is not readily available for these large operations, the companies rely on synthetic fertilizers to supply plants with the required nutrients and to foster good production.

Effects of farming methods on pests
Due to the high use of inorganic fertilizers, the chemicals absorbed by crops alter the nutrient levels in the plants. A change in the nutrient levels of a plant changes its ability to fight off pests. Agricultural research shows that the vice of crops developing resistance towards pest control methods is related to the chemical and biological components of the plant.
Plants with deficiency of certain nutrients might not be able to fight off pests that attack them. When those plants exhibit a low pest resistance, then it becomes hard for the farmer to exercise control the effects of pests on the plant due since the plant’s vulnerability to pest attacks will be high.

Why you should be worried
If the crops ability to fight with pests and diseases is decreased, then the farmers face an increased risk of losing more money. Such losses will be inflated by the cost incurred when initiating different pest control programs that at times may include complicated and advanced methods. The farmers also lose money in terms of the time lost tending to their farms and the inputs lost.

Crops that are invaded by pests’ tend to produce less in terms of output compared to healthy plants that have been free of pests.

What you can do
Although you should be worried when your crops’ resistance to pest becomes rampant, there are natural solutions to the problems. Large corporations in Canada can learn from traditional small-scale farmers that have had an easier time all along with their pest control practices in their gardens.
One of the small-scale farmers’ secret it that the soil they farm on is more natural and contains fewer chemicals thus enabling it to support organic matter and other useful constituents. These elements then replenish the plant with a continued supply of various nutrients naturally. A healthy plant is more resistant to diseases and pests that may attack it. This makes it easier for the farmer to control pests in their farms because they don’t have to deal with resistant parasites. Pests in the organic gardens are controlled and eliminated easily using conventional and non-expensive methods of pest control. For more info, visit the resources at Affordable Pest Control.