A Guide to Help you Choose the Right Air Conditioner

When you mention the term air conditioning, people only think of it as a way of creating a habitable environment for humans. Contrary to this popular belief, air conditioning can be used to humidify electronic devices that are prone to producing a lot of heat. These devices include power amplifiers and computers servers. It goes without saying that air conditioners can be used both domestically and commercially. In a layman’s term, this is the process of removing heat, air, and humidity from a confined space to make it habitable for people animals and machines. For systems that have run for some years, air conditioner repair is needed from time to time.

Common air conditioner units
Almost all conditioners use a fan to distribute the warm, moist and used air from the confined space to the exterior. These units may differ in size ranging from small units that can be carried by a single individual to big units that are usually installed on the roof of buildings. These big units are capable of cooling the entire building that may consist of many rooms and offices. The refrigeration cycle is the commonly used method to accomplish cooling. In other cases, free cooling and evaporation may be used. Commercial conditioners consist of desiccants that use pipes to link the exterior and the interior and in the process distribute the refrigerant around.

Use of conditioners
In the residential and commercial industries, conditioners can be used in different areas that include commercial buildings meant for commerce. The malls, offices and restaurants in these facilities are usually installed with conditioners. These units can also be installed in high-rise residential buildings that include apartment blocks and dormitories. Industrial spaces are also fitted with conditioners. To prevent overheating and spread of air-borne diseases, transport facilities such as trains, cars, and airplanes are also fitted with these units. Conditioners are also common to vehicles transporting fresh products such as vegetables and meat. Duplexes, single-family houses, and institutional buildings are places where conditioners find their use. Finally, sports stadiums must be fitted with air conditioners.

Conditioners can be designed depending on the desired installation type. Common systems based on installation include packaged terminal and window units. This is a unit that is usually installed on the window and blow air in and out of the room. The split system is another design and comes in two forms. There is the central system and the mini-split system. The mini-split system is for small buildings while the central system is meant for large commercial spaces. Conditioners that can be carried or easily moved are called portable units and comprises of several systems. There is the portable split system, the portable hose system as well as the portable evaporative system. For more information, please visit Climate Experts to find additional resources.